How to find peace and paradise - Apocalypse & Bible

What means “faith”, “salvation”, “forgiveness”, “reconciliation” and “redemption”?
Is Jesus really the only way that leads to eternal life?

The Bible claims to be inspired by the Holy Spirit (inspiration of the Word of God).
What does the Bible say about the following subjects: Angels, Angle of the Lord, the archangel Michael, Gabriel, seraphim, cherubim,
Satan (the devil) and his angels (the demons). Who is Melchizedek?

The Bible speaks about the end time (see Eschatology), the return of Christ and the following themes:
the rapture of the Church, the great tribulation, the Antichrist, the False Prophet, the Harlot Babylon, Harmagedon,
resurrection, millennium (also called the millennial kingdom; see also chiliasm), Hades, hell (Gehenna), the end of the world,
the final judgment, new heaven, new earth, new Jerusalem (paradise) etc.

What is the “Apocalypse of Isaiah” and what does it teach?

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